Dialogue Facilitation

Open has a structured yet adaptable approach to facilitating any dialogue, meeting or event.

Perhaps you are planning to sit down with a group of friends who you know to be ‘all on the same page’ to discuss local issues and strategic responses. Or, at the other end of the spectrum, maybe you are preparing to enter a set of tension-filled school board meetings where civility will be in short supply. In either case, you would benefit from an experienced facilitator. In the former scenario you need someone willing to challenge your group to go beyond the limitations of your comfort zone; in the latter scenario you want someone to direct and control what we call  ‘positive tension.’

In order to Communicate (one of our core values) effectively there must real exchange between the parties. Let our dialogue facilitation guide your experience and finally remove all of the barriers to effective exchange.



A community summit provides a safe and civil forum for the residents of Hightstown/East Windsor/Roosevelt, NJ to discuss tensions in their religiously, ethnically and socioeconomically diverse region

Respectful, thoughtful discourse is welcome

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