There are three ways that we advocate for building integrated/cohesive communities:

Speaking and Coaching

Board members Reverend Eric Dobson (outreach specialist and community organizer) and Emilio Panasci (urban planner and project manager) are  speakers at panels, workshops, community dialogues and conferences on a range of issues related to integration/cohesion strategies, community development and more. They appreciate the opportunity to share experiences as well as learn from others. We also provide private consultation and coaching for leaders, practitioners or anyone who desires to navigate through sometimes thorny issues such as diversity tensions, local planning and politics, organizational development, or ethics related to professional work and public service.

President Rev. Eric Dobson and V.P. Emilio Panasci


Open’s blog contains musings about current events and lessons from our field experiences. When solicited, we are available to contribute our ideas and suggestions towards research, articles, op-ed and analysis.

Co-sponsoring events and consulting on projects

We partner with community-based organizations, regional entities, universities and other collaborators on events and projects that promote integration/cohesion within and among communities.

If interested you may email us with no obligation at

Respectful, thoughtful discourse is welcome

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