About Open Communities

Open Communities is the consulting team affiliate of Fund for an Open Society. Open Communities is also our philosophy- we want to empower communities that want to make the choice to proactively create cohesion among diverse people.

Our principles and methods are not limited to just racial/class integration; they can also apply to assist communities of diverse age, gender, religion, ability, sexuality and more. Our intention is to promote a true choice whereby different kinds of people may come together (integrate) and function together (community cohesion). In our view, more integration/cohesion of diverse people is always worthwhile. But it is up to each local community how, when and in what ways that occurs. We are here to help diverse communities and organizations learn, connect, facilitate, plan and assess.

Our parent organization, FUND for an OPEN Society, a non-profit, was founded in 1975 – and most of the time just goes by ‘Open.’ We have a robust history of work as advocates, social justice fighters, integrated neighborhood developers, national network builders, policy leaders and direct consultants to communities. Today most people know us as simply as: Open Communities.

Reach Us: pshope13@gmail.com

Growing up with diversity provides benefits to all

Respectful, thoughtful discourse is welcome

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