Trending Segregation in America

Income Segregation

Fairfield County, Conn. is full of hedge funders … and homeless people.

Fund for an Open Society (parent organization to Open Communities and Planting Seeds of Hope), is not-for-profit group focused on creating and sustaining integrated communities.

To understand our mission statement, one must recognize that communities in America are still very segregated (by race, income and a variety of other demographics). As a company we must help shed light on segregation so all can understand the need for work on integration.

Not only do most Americans experience an astonishing amount of isolation and separation in their lives – despite us being statistically one of the world’s most diverse nations – but also we are trending toward more segregation, not less. This pattern has many facets, sometimes more than one together: racial segregation, income/class, religious, political affiliation, age, sexuality, etc.

In future posts we will explore deeper meanings of segregation and integration, and the effects of segregation of all types, and why we believe integration is the answer to profound challenges our nation faces.

For now, here are some links to articles about trending segregation in America.

“Income/ Socioeconomic Segregation” by Harrison Jacobs from


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