Turning Diversity into Advantage

Open Communities offers consultation services in Training and Education, Target Outreach, Dialogue Facilitation, Planning and Strategy, and Program Management to communities, businesses, nonprofit organizations, municipalities, schools and faith-based institutions.

Open Communities expertise in planning and organizing improves the work of others to highlight diversity, identify strength, determine paths for success, promote growth and integration with community to build a foundation and support.

When we help cities, other organizations, businesses, schools or others through technical assistance or outreach/organizing, that is an Open Communities project. We take on these types of projects because it is our chance to use our planning and organizing expertise and improve the work of others in a way that gets them working for integration.

Example: We completed a participatory neighborhood planning process in Pennsauken/Camden, NJ on behalf of another non-profit children’s organization. We made sure that a very diverse, multi-ethnic population was included in planning and implementation of future improvements and projects. We also trained and built a steering committee that will safeguard integration there moving forward.

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